Moms Who Math

Moms Who Math knows that math skills--like reading skills--come from early, consistent, and frequent exposure that only a parent or caregiver can provide. We offer workshops that arm parents with strategies to help their children develop confidence and problem-solving skills in mathematics.

Moms Who Math was founded in August 2017, and aspires to offer more workshops on a variety of STEM-related topics and bring on a team amazing veteran classroom teachers as it grows.

Valerie Samn, Founder

Valerie is an alumna of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was a Ben Wood Fellow studying Cognition and Learning at Teachers College at Columbia University. She is New York State certified in Secondary Mathematics, and worked as a teacher and staff developer in New York City schools for eleven years. She has trained teachers in the Common Core Learning Standards as well as the former New York State K-8 Standards.

She is excited to share her knowledge of "new math" and math teaching techniques with parents because, while she was reasonably successful in mathematics as a child, she believes that had she been taught mathematics the way children are being taught today, it would have helped her understand and do even more.

She also enjoys sharing mathematics with her nine-year-old son. (But like most kids, sometimes he doesn't enjoy being the recipient of said sharing.)