September 2017

New Rochelle, NY – Valerie Samn, a mom in New Rochelle, is launching Moms Who Math, a new company serving Lower Westchester. The company offers workshops for parents who want to take an active role in helping their children succeed in math. Starting in September 2017, our staff of veteran classroom teachers will show parents how to have everyday mathematical conversations, play games that build math skills, and help their children with “new math” homework. The math-based workshops engage parents in mathematics in ways that are similar to the methods being used in the child’s classroom so that parents learn the vocabulary and processes that are being stressed in school and can easily coach the students toward meeting math milestones.

Samn founded Moms Who Math this summer because, “like reading and language, mathematics is best learned over time. Parents and caregivers can provide timely and consistent support more effectively than tutors and test prep instructors. When parents resort to these options, it’s often too late. Months and years of lost opportunities have gone by. Children need to start young, and they need to be consistently encouraged to problem-solve in ways that we, as parents, may not have been exposed to.”

The first two workshops are listed at The first is a 90-minute workshop, “Teacher Secrets for Helping Kids Succeed in Math,” which shows parents little-known but simple conversational techniques they can use every day to help encourage problem-solving. For those who want a deeper dive, the company offers a five-evening workshop, “Understanding New Math in Grades K-2.” Parents will be immersed in the way children are taught counting, addition, and subtraction today. “Parents need to understand that it is quality, not quantity, of support that can make a difference. Parents are already helping their kids regularly. We just want to show them new ways of doing it. And what’s great is that parents can make a huge difference even if they are not strong in math themselves.”

Can Dads come too? “Absolutely,” Valerie says. She just couldn’t resist the alliteration.

Valerie is an alumna of the Massachusetts of Technology and was a Ben D. Wood Fellow studying Cognition and Learning at Teachers College at Columbia University. She is New York State certified in Secondary Mathematics, and worked as a teacher and staff developer in New York City public schools for twelve years. She has trained teachers in implementing the Common Core Learning Standards as well as the former New York State K-8 Standards.

She lives in New Rochelle with her husband and son, who attended the amazing Ward Elementary for four years and will be starting at Webster Elementary this fall.