"Valerie's workshop was incredibly informative, and a wonderful way for me to understand how my child is learning math today. She gave me the tools to help and guide him without helping him too much and by focusing on the process rather than the outcome. The way children are learning math today is so different than the way we were taught, and this workshop gave a perfect overview of the philosophy and goals of today's math.

I wasn't sure at first whether the workshop would be relevant for me, as my son actually enjoys math and it is his strongest subject. However, I came away feeling much more informed and empowered to understand, assist, and challenge him, while reducing my frustration when I can't understand his way of doing things!"

-Stephanie Cosentino

"Valerie’s workshop helped me understand and practice ways to help my son with the 'new' math he was getting at school. It was like professional development for moms. I feel better equipped to support my seven year old build better math homework habits."

-Keveney McCrillis

"I am a mom of a 9yr. old and I realized he was being taught basic math in a different way then I learned.  I felt I couldn’t help him because I didn’t understand how they were teaching it in school.

I then took Valerie Samn’s "Mom's who Math” workshop and learned the importance of guiding my son to discover his thought process and his way of tackling a problem as opposed to teaching him a very specific method to do each problem. Throughout the workshop, Valerie demonstrated  how we all think differently and how many ways there are to get to the same correct answer.

I now have the tools I need to help guide my son in discovering his way of thinking and having the confidence to know there are many ways to get the correct answer."